Technical College for Mechatronics

Mechatronics – combination of different areas of technology

Mobility needs mechatronics

ABS, EBS, climate regulation, electronic engine control, automatic gearbox or electric windows can be seen as classic examples in vehicle construction and are considered as part of standard equipment of vehicles. Further developments are only possible with mechatronics and information technology.

Automation moves

Production engineering uses flexible and computer-controlled machine tools and production plants to produces complicated components and devices more precisely and quickly. Robots and flexible operating-handling systems, make production and logistic processes more efficient.

Mechatronics – your daily companion

In the field of entertainment electronics, digital devices have replaced previous analogue models. Digital devices, including CD-players, DVD-players, digital cameras, or computers – have significantly increased the user’s comfort, lifespan, and quality of life. We can make use of mechatronic systems with components of mechanics, electronics, and information technology in the daily life. Just consider the modern devices and appliances used in your household.

Today, mechatronics is taken for granted, for the future developments it will be absolutely indispensable.


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Further details

Technician training – Automation and Robotics (four-year programme with practical training)

  • semester of practical training in a company (in the last school year)
  • graduation with exam after four years
  • admission to university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) after additional training
  • master’s certificate possible

Possibilities for development after the technical college:

Because of the theoretical and practical training graduates are prepared for important tasks regarding the support of devices and production machines. They are also trained for interdisciplinary tasks which provides them with excellent career prospects in any company.

Possible career paths:

  • development – construction of prototypes
  • construction – draftsman
  • programming of robots
  • commissioning of automation projects
  • support of complex productions plants with robots
  • distribution – service – customer service
  • technical purchasing
  • quality control – testing engineer

Curriculum for Mechatronics – Automation and Robotics, links:

The HTL’s curriculum for mechatronics with practical training:

The HTL’s curriculum for mechatronics with practical training
* school autonomous changes


  • Mandatory internship: minimum four weeks before starting the fourth year of the programme.
  • Internship in a company: instead of a compulsory “workshop and production engineering” subject, a mandatory practice called the Betriebspraktikum (internship in a company) can be done for eight to eleven hours per week. This is possible because of changes in the curriculum.

Year of implementation: 2011

Lessons per semester:

Lessons per semester


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