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High-achieving classes of the HTL1 Klagenfurt

The HTL1 Klagenfurt offers the opportunity for talented and highly interested students to experience an entirely new perspective of engaged learning in the mechanical engineering and electrical engineering high-achieving classes. Extraordinarily talented students can achieve excellence! This is a unique opportunity in Austria.


This class has a special schedule:

  • A second foreign language – students can choose from Italian, French or Slovenian as a required subject.
  • Expanded English-conversation with completion of the C1 level; certification possible.
  • Theoretical classes are taught partially in English.
  • A practical training period abroad (if possible).
  • There are mixed theory and practical classes depending on the technical focus, which will be taught in smaller groups.


Further benefits:

  • Sponsorship from a highly acclaimed company in order to establish a direct contact between students and the economy.
  • Personal, qualified mentors available in preferred field
  • “drop in-drop out”, i.e. a later change from the high-achieving to the regular class is possible (in order to avoid repeating of school years in the high-achieving classes)
  • accompanying external assesssment (new teaching methods, increased teacher training).



Timetable - High-achieving class

Mandatory internship: after the third year (duration: three months)


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Dr. Rüdiger Stonitsch

, Head of Department
M: +43 699 131 605 18
T: +43 463 31 605 18
F: +43 463 31 605 23
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


HTL1 Klagenfurt


"It is not a luxury to encourage talented people.
It is a luxury - namely an inexcusable luxury - not to do so."
(Alfred Herrhausen, 1930 - 1989)