Evening classes for mechanical engineering including elements of e-learning

Educational branch:
Machinery and installation engineering


  • Lessons on only 3 evenings per week
  • Additional evening classes every two weeks
  • Independent working with elements of e-learning
  • Module system
  • Acknowledgement of reports /certifications and self-acquired qualifications

Educational aims:

  • Matriculation and diploma examination, diploma for employed people (Berufsreifeprüfung)
  • Admission to university
  • Permission for commercial activities
  • Title of "Engineer"

Terms of admission:
Students aged 16 and over




Evening class module system

Learning suitable for adults
Thanks to the module system students have the possibility to create their timetable more flexibly. Age and living situation of the student is also considered. Students accumulate modules that they pass. Students only need to repeat modules that they fail.

What is a module system?
Every student can choose so-called modules individually. Every semester there is a “module report,” that includes information about which modules have been passed. When all modules and exams are done, the training is finished.

How can I complete a module positively?
1. verification (report card)
2. good academic performance throughout the semester
3. Kolloquien – these are exams about a module, or
4. module exams (exams about autodidactive acquired knowledge)

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexible time table: modules can be done earlier
  • Individual and age-appropriate educational path with coaching: The module system and cooperative learning are new principles of the evening classes. Students are supported by the programme coordinator.
  • Flexible learning: there is more than one chance to pass modules: good academic performance throughout the semester, Kolloquien (exams about a module) and module exams (exams about autodidactive acquired knowledge)


Timetable: Evening classes (NEW curriculum)

Timetable: Evening classes
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Administration/ Further information:

Prof. DI Peter Schaller

Prof. DI Peter Schaller
, Organisational Management
T: +43 699 81601466
F: +43 463 31605 23
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Evening classes are your ticket to become an engineer!


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