Competence centre for automotive engineering

The competence centre is a central training place for students, from the third semester onwards who chose automotive engineering.

Students study the body of a vehicle with all the essential components, such as chassis, steering, brakes, and force transmission, with the aid of the vehicles in the competence centre for automotive engineering. The competence centre and its equipment enable students to get an insight in the functions of all the components.

In the competence centre, students learn the structure and functions of a combustion engine through disassembling and assembling of many combustion engines. Students use special tools, applied to automotive manufacturing. Students also learn how to handle diagnostic tools and to read an error memory in order to find errors and to correct them.

Students have to do a variety of exercises regarding the components of the vehicle. New illustrative material, that is updated regularly due to good connections to the car industry, is very helpful for our students and teaching lessons.

Graduates, educated in the competence centre for automotive engineering at the HTL1 Lastenstraße, have acquired above-average knowledge in the field of automotive engineering and will find a good job in the car industry.




HTL1 Klagenfurt


HTL1 Klagenfurt


Competence Centre for Construction Management

The reason for implementing a competence centre for construction management was the permanent demand of regional/national companies for design and development engineers, project engineers and construction engineers.

Students learn the technical basis in order to develop and construct machines and vehicle components with the help of the 3D – computer programme CREO.

In the second year, students already start making computer drawings with CREO. Their skills are perfected in the third and fourth year. With practical tasks and with the help of display models students learn to develop, construct and calculate components of machines. Furthermore, students perform tasks in project teams to learn and implement cost calculation, project planning, and time management.

When students write their diploma thesis they will deepen their skills in collaboration with a company and also put their skills into practice.


HTL1 Klagenfurt


HTL1 Klagenfurt


Competence Centre for Mechatronics

The competence centre for mechatronics combines elementary technologies of mechanics, electronics, and information technology.

The aim is to apply and deepen the already learned basic skills of modern and complex automation systems in order to meet the requirements of the economy. The main focus is on analytical and joint thinking, in regards to current developments in the field of mechatronics towards Industry 4.0 respectively, Digitisation 4.0.

Moreover, the competence centre of mechatronics is also a meeting point for training sessions, seminars, and product presentations.

In the third year, students learn the basics of robotics. Important aspects are the structure, handling and programming of the robots.

In the fourth year, students already wire, programme, and test their first technology stations of flexible automation systems. Students use modern PLC programmes and the corresponding software for circuit diagram development. The focus is on error analysis and correcting errors.

In the fifth year, students put those flexible automation systems into operation. Emphasis is put on enhanced programming of robots with sensor-based camera integration, visualisation, and storage. The manufacturing and automation system can be accessed through the control station with conveyor belt tracking.


Our modern automation plant and technology stations consist of:

  • electro-pneumatics
  • 5-axis buckling arm robot
  • linear robot
  • image recognition and analysis
  • RFID technology
  • storage systems
  • measurement unit
  • assembly station


Automation plant of the company SL-Automation

HTL1 Klagenfurt


Robot for training "RV-2AJ"

HTL1 Klagenfurt


Technology station "Positioning"

HTL1 Klagenfurt


Technology station "Schüttgutportionierung"

HTL1 Klagenfurt


Technology station "Sheet metal forming"

HTL1 Klagenfurt


Technology station "CD-Handling"

HTL1 Klagenfurt


Technology station "Sorting"

HTL1 Klagenfurt

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