Mag. Manfred Niederl

Mag. Manfred Niederl,


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My psychologic/psychotherapeutic work at the HTL

I have worked at this school in the psychological/psychotherapeutic field since 1999 and try to support our students, parents, and colleagues with my experience.

Again and again, students are confronted with events and developments which they cannot handle themselves. Often, students are not able to find help by themselves. At our school, it has been proven that teachers contact me if they observe worrying situations such as social withdrawal, aggressive behaviour, or a massive drop in performance, to name a few.

As a consequence, I invite students for a counselling interview.

In an open, confidential atmosphere I try to understand the teenager’s situation. Out of this understanding, I try to find constructive solutions with the teenager.

I am often affected by the intensity of the burdens that teenagers are confronted with. But I see the conscious handling of burdensome situations as a precious and important experience for maturing and growth of our students.